Return, Refund or Replacement Policy

  1. Wines are a perishable product and some Wines may deteriorate over time or if not stored under correct conditions. Whilst we take reasonable care when sourcing Wines, our suppliers are responsible for exercising quality control over the Wines and we do not independently test, examine or inspect individual Wines. Accordingly, please note that we do not accept liability for Wines over HK$750 per bottle and/or more than 10 years old.
  2. If a Wine is corked or defective, please contact our customer hotline +852 6403 4156 immediately on becoming aware of the defect. The Company may at its absolute option, provide a refund or replace the defective Wine, provided that the following conditions are satisfied:
    • the defect is caused by the Company or by the supplier or producer and if by the latter, the Company successfully claims the same against the supplier and/or the producer;
    • you notify us within 1 day (24 hours) after such bottle is opened, and return the bottle to us with at least two-thirds of the Wine left inside so we can verify its quality;
    • you provide to us a valid original receipt for the Wine;
    • and such Wine must be below HK$750 per bottle and be less than 10 years old.
  3. If you require us to collect Goods, a charge of HK$200 will be payable. This charge is refunded if the Wine is found to be defective and a refund or replacement is offered in accordance with Clause 2.
  4. The Company will inspect any alleged defective Goods in good faith but the Company’s decision will be final. If Goods are found to be defective, the Company may at its absolute option, provide a refund or replace the defective Goods. Refunds (if any) will be credited into Customer’s credit card account within 4 weeks upon confirmation without interest and net of bank charges and fees.
  5. No returns shall be permitted for glassware or accessories after the Customer or its authorised representative has acknowledged receipt of the Goods.


  1. 葡萄酒是易變質的產品,有些葡萄酒更會隨時間或因儲存不當而變質。當我們合理的謹慎地採購葡萄酒的同時,我們的供應商負責對葡萄酒進行品質控制,而我們不對個別的葡萄酒進行獨立的測試、檢查或檢驗。因此,我們對每瓶超過750港幣和/或酒齡10年或以上的葡萄酒將不承擔任何責任。
  2. 如果葡萄酒受污染或有損壞,請在發現該等損壞後立即聯繫我們的客戶服務熱線:  +852 6403 4156。本公司可自行選擇退款或更換有損壞的葡萄酒,但必須符合下列條件:
    • 該等損壞是由本公司造成或由供應商或生產商造成的,如是由後者造成的,而本公司能就該問題成功地向供應商和/或生產商獲得賠償;
    • 您在開瓶之後的1日(24小時)內通知我們,並將載有至少剩餘三分之二葡萄酒的酒瓶退還給我們,以便我們檢驗其品質;
    • 您向我們提供該葡萄酒的有效原發票;
    • 和該等葡萄酒必須低於每瓶750港幣及酒齡少於10年。
  3. 如果您要求我們取回貨品,您需要支付200港幣的費用。如果葡萄酒被証實是有損壞,而我們依照第2條進行退款或更換,該收費將獲退還。
  4. 本公司將誠實地檢驗聲稱遭損壞的貨品,但本公司的決定才是終局。如果貨品被發現是有損壞,本公司可自行選擇進行退款或更換有損壞的貨品。任何退款(如有)將在我們確認貨品損壞後的4周內存入客戶的信用卡帳戶,退款將不計利息並需扣除銀行的收費和費用。
  5. 當客戶或其授權代表確認收到貨品後,不得就玻璃器具或酒具要求退貨。